Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Country Living Fair Recap

I had the pleasure of taking my mom with me to attend our first ever Country Living Fair in Atlanta, GA. Special thanks to Brandi  of Don't Disturb This Groove blog for my winning weekend ticket to attend this great fair.  My mom and I both are hoping this event returns next year in the same place, we plan on taking the larger vehicle because we intend on bringing back larger items *insert big evil vintage grin*

Must I say we had the greatest time ever walking the trails of booths upon booths and seeing such beautiful things.

Let's get started.  This is just a few of the pictures I took, there was SO much to see and purchase.

This was the most beautiful rustic fall tablescapes I've seen and yes, I want to replicate it STAT!

See the piece here is actually a pencil.  Such a great idea!! Dinner guest can use this to jot a quick thank you not to the host or to write what they are thankful for during Thanksgiving dinner.  This is something I always like for my family to do, what a chic way of adding decor to your table setting.

These frames just inspired me...just as they are.

I love Jenni Bowlin flea market finds and getting another eye shot of Mr. Bowlin is just an added touch (such handsomeness).  Her booth was mega crowded, we actually had to go back by when it was less crowded...and no it was not to get another eyefill of Mr. Bowlin:-)

Two of my most favorite items, jade and birds...ahhh. I'm actually kicking myself for not purchasing the jade measuring cup.  They would have been "almost" perfect for my jade saucers, they were a tad bit off from the color I already own yet it would have been great to have.  I have a tendency to not purchase an item if I feel I may not actually use it, this time I could just scream because I couldn't figure whether to buy them or not.  Now I want one BAD!!! Oh well, I'm certain I will find something similar soon could only hope right.

This is such a great displaying idea for my bracelets and necklaces.  I think I may just create one similar to this, I love the rustic simpleness.

Have you watched her show before?  LOL!! My mom just happen to peek around the sign right as I snapped.  She was thinking, what are you doing, I'm thinking, what are you eating. That was funny. I love this wise woman of God!!

This is a barrel of shoe forms, awesome display.

This booth just filled my creative spirit FULL of Christmas.  I'm so ready to decorate my home as well as my brother's home.

We had a blast and are preparing for our next vintage shopping adventure.  I will share with you on tomorrow, the few pieces I purchased and how I plan on displaying/using them.



  1. Looks like fun. Wish i could have joined you.

  2. I would've been so indecisive! But I have met Ms Jenni and her man and yes, he is definitely a handsome cowboy! They were both so gracious and charming when they came to Maryland! I think I would've bought some of the jade too even if I woulda had to redesign my kitchen to display it :) Great stuff you photographed! ps-I came by from Linnie accidentally found that blog tonight :)